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Green Chiropractic ExteriorAbout Us

Dr. Tereshel Johnson and Dr. Toby Green attended Logan University near St. Louis, Missouri. Following graduation, they moved to Omaha and opened Green Chiropractic. Since 2005, they have been helping one person at a time in the community. We want to help you get rid of pain so that you can get back to your normal life. We also treat families, often from birth.

Find Answers and Get Results

Green Chiropractic welcomes people of all ages. We see newborns, those in their 90’s and everyone in between. Some come to us to get help with pain, while others are already healthy and want to make sure they stay that way. You may have visited numerous other offices without getting answers, making you feel frustrated. Our aim is to determine the cause of your problem so that we can find the right solution for you.

Relief From Headache Pain

Adults and children alike can be stricken by debilitating headaches. One of our patients had headaches their entire life. She went to every specialist, was given pill after pill,  and couldn’t find out what was wrong. Her MRIs and CAT scans were negative. The copious medications she took included a morphine drip and she didn’t know where to turn. Within three months of care, she was headache-free.

Another patient was a 7-year-old who was on amitriptyline, a medication with serious side effects. His migraines weren’t going away, however, and he was screaming day and night. His parents drove him to us from their home two hours away. We discovered a structural problem with the curve in his spine. After chiropractic care, the boy could go back to sports, school, and normal life. Today, this boy is a champion wrestler for his high school.


Relief from Chronic Sciatica

Sciatica is pain that shoots down your into your buttock and can shoot down your leg. Disc bulges and herniations are a big cause of this shooting pain. Another cause could be from overly tight muscles in the area. The question needing to be answered is WHY are the discs bulging or herniating and WHY are the muscles tight. At Green Chiropractic, our doctors take X-rays so see exactly what your spine looks like, perform a functional performance exam, then put it all together to determine the WHY to the question. Often, people do not realize the little things, like posture or constantly leaning to one side in the car or on the couch, add up and now your spine has reshaped this way. This posture creates stress and stain in areas not created for this. Now, compound that if you have been in a sports injury or auto crash. These little issues can add up over time.

A patient of Green Chiropractic, Tiffany, was referred to us from her friend after being told she needed surgery. Medications weren’t controlling the pain and injections didn’t work.  She was very afraid and didn’t want surgery. After Dr. Green examined her and gave her a couple of treatment options, she started care. After the first visit, she felt a little relief, but the pain came back. After a few weeks of consistent care, she was able to walk and sit without pain. After her treatment plan, she was back to golfing and bike riding. Not all patients respond the same. Some respond much quicker than others.

Get Started Today

We provide same-day appointments for those who would like immediate attention. Saturday and late opening hours make it easy to visit our chiropractic office. Contact us today!

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