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Treatment for Children with Headaches West Omaha

Child with Headache

Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, your son or daughter is probably suffering from headaches. Headaches in youngsters is becoming more and more common. 1 in 11 children suffer from headaches.  Green Chiropractic and the Omaha Headache Clinic are seeing children with headaches as young as four, five and six years old.

With children, we always have to explore headaches. Headaches in children is not normal. Their little bodies are telling you SOMETHING is wrong. Sometimes the child, usually the younger ones, cannot describe their pain. Often their pain comes out as a belly ache, behavior issues, fatigue, loss of appetite, constipation, loss of attention or your child just feels “OFF”. Their school work suffers, they miss school or are sick, lying down in the nurses station. No amount of pills is going to take care of headaches and can create other issues down the road. And if you are like most parents, you probably do not want your child having to take medications.

Many children we are seeing have reversed cervical curve (neck curve going the wrong way). This can and most likely will lead to a lifetime of instability, premature degeneration, and pain.

If your children is having headaches, contact our West Omaha office today! Our headache doctors are very gentle and treating children is different than treating adults. Children usually respond very quickly to chiropractic.

As owners of the Omaha Headache Clinic, we have successfully treated many children and adults with headaches.



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