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7 Fun Boredom Busters to Keep the Kids moving this Summer

Summer is almost here—- so you know what that means!!

Green Chiropractic West Omaha Chiropractors

Green Chiropractic West Omaha Chiropractors

The ice cream man, friends, family vacations, and yes, boredom.  Even on the most beautiful days day………… THEY’RE BORED.

Unstructured playtime can be a struggle to fill on long days.  No worries though! We’re here for you! This is a perfect time to all sit down and start a family brainstorming session.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:


1. Family Photos:

Not a professional? Don’t worry, most of us aren’t. However, what fun would it be to each draw a name of which family member they get to take photos of. The photographer of the day gets to pick out the clothing, the location, and poses. Once everyone has had their turn, compile all the photos into a printed book. There are many options for printing books online. Just google it.


2. Park-A-Poolza:

Decide each week a new park to explore. Maybe find out the history behind the park. Bring a timer and set it for 45 minutes. When the buzzer goes off, times up, and head out. Pack plenty of water, healthy snacks, and don’t forget the camera!



Fill up the balloons, water guns, and pools (fill up stations). Have teams and have a blast! Get soaking wet, laugh tons, and run a lot! End with popsicles, snacks, and fun game of balloon pick up.


4. Old Fashioned Fun:

Fire pit and s’mores. Spice things up a bit and use chocolate covered short bread cookies instead of graham crackers.


5. Ride-A-Thon:

Dust off the cob webs, air up the tires, and most likely raise the kids’ seats. Take a bike ride around the neighborhood. Don’t forget to wear helmets. Safety first.


6. Camping:

Whether you like the rugged outdoors complete with tent, glamping in quasi rugged style, or renting a summer cottage, make the outdoors a part of your summer. Nothing beats the sounds and smells of nature. Kids will remember these times their entire life.


7. Walking:

Grab the kids and go on an urban adventure. Visit with neighbors, walk the dog, or go on a scavenger hunt. Kids love getting outside and spending time with you. I have noticed my children open up and talk with me more during activity. It is a great way to connect.