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Posture Restoration in West Omaha

Spine Model

Hunchback Spinal Remodeling

Most West Omaha people seek out help at Green Chiropractic because they’re in pain. Some visit us because they feel good and want to continue being healthy. The majority, however, are experiencing some sort of discomfort.

You may sit at a computer all day long like many do. Your core muscles are likely weak, creating undue stress on your spine. If this sounds like you, our posture restoration solution may be the ideal way to address your problems.

Green Chiropractic can also help prevent humpback posture and can help to reshape it if you notice you have it. This is humpback posture is also known as Thoracic Kyphosis, Dowager’s Hump, Buffalo Hump, and Hunchback.


Our Training Sets Us Apart

 “We are proud to be certified practitioners of Clinical Biomechanics of Posture®, the most advanced, most researched technique in chiropractic. These procedures are used to help you look, feel and move better. In short, we correct posture distortions created by repeated or prolonged pressure on the spinal cord and nerves as a result of injury, repetitive work, stress, gravity, sports and the aging process.We are able to move the spine back into as normal a position as possible and restore proper function.”  Dr. Green and Dr. Johnson, Omaha

The Danger of Spinal Stress

Often, we see people whose head sticks out from their body. This is called Anterior Head Carriage. Normally, your head should be positioned directly in line with your shoulders. If you look at a computer, tablet or phone often, your head is probably in this improper forward position. In turn, your neck and occipital muscles are strained. You likely experience frequent headaches, tight shoulders, and/or middle back pain. Often, Anterior Head Carriage creates a loss of your cervical curve. Loss of cervical curve can create headaches, disc bulging/herniation, fatigue, loss of blood flow to the brain, and the list goes on.

If you’ve been in a car crash or other form of trauma, your neck can be pulled and stretched beyond natural anatomical limits. You may then have a reverse curve in your neck. We know through research and MRI studies, those with a reverse or flattened neck curve can have decreased blood flow to the brain.

Headaches, fatigue, brain fog, thyroid dysfunction, irritability, neck pain, dizziness, and muscles spasms are just a few problems caused by Whiplash or auto crash injuries.

The problem is that traditional chiropractic (just adjustments) does not always address these issues. It can help provide relief, but it does not consistently (results are not reproducible) put your neck back into the position it belongs in. Our team provides posture restoration that will correct the shape of your spine (to as near normal as possible). We often give the example of “What braces do for your teeth, we do to the spine.” Our doctors reshape spines to make sure it is in the proper alignment. If degeneration has already begun, we can work to slow that process. When the strain is taken off your spinal discs and surrounding muscles, you’ll start noticing your pain alleviated.


Our doctors have advanced training to help remold or restructure scoliosis. Not all scoliosis restructuring cases are reproducible. Scoliosis takes specific care and timing. Care is involved and you will have spinal orthotics, exercises that you will do at home. If you can help to slow or stop the progression and therefore avoiding a brace or surgery, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Rehabilitating Your Posture

Dr. Tereshel and Dr. Green’s technique for spinal restructuring is called Chiropractic BioPhysics®. This method is one of the most researched techniques in chiropractic. When using it, the goal is to optimize your posture and spinal alignment.

Specialized equipment will be utilized along the way as appropriate for you. We’ll walk you through what we’re doing and why we’re doing it before getting started. You’ll be able to proceed feeling fully informed and confident.

Not everyone is a candidate for spinal remodeling, nor does everyone want to do it. The doctors understand this and are supportive of all decisions patients make. They try their best to help your body heal within the choices you make. They use a variety of adjusting methods including but not limited to Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Motion Palpation, Impulse, and others. It really all depends on what you need and prefer. Our doctors are educated in many soft tissue techniques such as A.R.T, Nimmo, Post Isometric Relaxation Stretching, and more.

Covered by Insurance

Most insurance plans will cover posture restoration in West Omaha when there is a problem or pain. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! Our providers are in-network with most insurances.

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