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Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Pain

Chiropractic for Neck Pain


Chiropractic Treatment Options For Neck Pain

Seeking chiropractic care when dealing with neck pain is quite common. Whether it’s from a car accident, injury, poor posture, strain, or any other reason, a chiropractor can help restore balance to the neck with proper treatment. Today we’ll dive into the top treatment options you may encounter at your chiropractic appointments.

A Full Body Holistic Evaluation

Prior to any type of formal treatment, your chiropractor will first do an in-depth assessment. While you may be experiencing pain in your neck, chiropractor’s recognize how interconnected the entire musculoskeletal and nervous system truly is. Thus, they will look at your lifestyle, movement patterns, full spine alignment, and more. This way they won’t miss any underlying issues that are contributing to your neck pain and preventing you from a full recovery.

A chiropractor certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is best equipped to do this type of in-depth evaluation. CBP providers are trained in science based assessment and treatment methods for expertly addressing spine misalignment, a common root cause of pain complaints in the neck.

Pain Relieving Modalities

Your biggest goal is most likely to get rid of your pain. Your chiropractor recognizes this and wants to give you some quick relief initially before working on more sustainable treatment and recovery options. You may encounter modalities like ice packs, heating pads, electrical stimulation, light therapy, mechanical traction, or ultrasound. Your chiropractor can make recommendations based on what they think will work best for you.

Spine Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustment is one of the most common forms of treatment. It is often an essential part of your treatment plan to help restore alignment and mobility to the spine. When the spine is in optimal alignment, you can expect good nerve flow and overall body function to help reduce strain on the neck. For neck pain, cervical (neck) manipulation is most common. However, thoracic (mid-back) or even low back manipulation may be necessary and helpful too.

Core and Posture Exercises

Once the spine is aligned, it’s important to learn ways to enhance and keep the spine in better alignment with daily activities. Your chiropractor will teach you specific exercises for holding better posture and improving core strength. When the spine is properly supported with surrounding muscles, you can expect fewer complaints of pain.

Manual Therapy

Often, tight muscles and connective tissue can contribute to spine misalignment. Plus, tight sore muscles can make it hard for you to relax and tolerate spine manipulation. A chiropractor can use techniques like joint stretching and soft tissue massage to promote better relaxation and balance.

Finding Real Relief

Many times, we focus only on getting quick pain relief. Unfortunately, this leads to a continued cycle of on again, off again pain. Getting rid of neck pain for good (or at least less often) is about getting to the true root cause of your pain, like spine misalignment. Green Chiropractic  will be your guide in getting you to a more sustainable recovery. Calling Green Chiropractic in Omaha is your first step to reducing your neck pain.

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