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Correcting Poor Posture

What to do about poor posture.


Correcting Poor Posture

Poor Posture

Good posture refers to having a neutral spine, where your muscle groups, joints, and ligaments are aligned in a way that reduces stress on them, keeps your body flexible, reduces fatigue, and helps maintain your balance.

Posture is the position of your body when you’re standing or sitting. It describes how your spine is aligned with your head, shoulders, and hips.

If your posture is out of alignment, it can lead to:

  • muscle or joint strain

  • neck, head, or back pain

  • possible injury during exercise, work, or other activities

  • poor appearance

  • fatigue and poor concentration

  • poor breathing ability

Bad or out-of-alignment posture is common. It can affect your appearance, self-confidence, and general well-being. The good news is that Green Chiropractic can assess your posture and help you to correct the problem. It might be a simple fix with a few modifications, or it might take some spinal rehabilitation. If standing of sitting up straight is uncomfortable it is time to be check by one of Green Chiropractic’s doctors.



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