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Distance Runners and Endurance Athletes Need Chiropractic Appointments

Distance Runners and Endurance Athletes Need to Keep a Standing Chiropractic Appointment


Green Chiropractic helps Runners

Chiropractic Care for Runners



In the same way endurance athletes and runners should regularly visit an athletic trainer or a physical therapist to maintain good athletic performance, Green Chiropractic also strongly urges their athletic clients to make routine visits for chiropractic adjustments and care.

Green Chiropractic has a lot to offer endurance athletes, from potential improved mobility to possibly relieving aches and pains due to consistent bodily stress and strain.

Sustained periods of activity take a major toll on the body. Without a well-functioning nervous system and a properly aligned and mobile spine, the muscles, joints, and ligaments are less likely to effectively perform their proper roles. The risk of injury increases which can reduce overall athletic performance. Did you know athletes preform 16% better after being adjusted?

Although the body is able to make up for tension or weakness by compensating during short periods of activity, long-term compensation of this kind may lead to more severe injury, such as shoulder, hip, knee, and spine issues. Over time, this wears down the joints in the area, setting up the athlete for premature degeneration. It is much safer to resolve these problems sooner and allow the body to function optimally prior to engaging in long periods of exercise as endurance runners, cyclists, hockey players, soccer players, baseball players, golfers, and swimmers do.

Chiropractic benefits for endurance athletes

When discussing chiropractic care with patients who regularly engage in endurance activities, Green Chiropractic emphasizes the potential benefits of routine visits.

  • Improve range of motion: A misaligned spine has the potential to significantly limit an athlete’s mobility and range of motion, whether in the shoulders, hips, or back. Pelvic misalignments are particularly common in runners and cyclists and can drastically alter the way they move. Routine chiropractic adjustments may resolve these misalignments, allowing the body to move more freely.
  • Reduce injury risk: By properly aligning the spine, chiropractic has the potential to ease mechanical loads on the body. In turn, this may reduce the risk of injury by alleviating the need for other body parts to compensate for tightness or weakness.
  • Relieve pain: If the athlete is experiencing pain in a particular area of the body that is the result of a misalignment or compensation, chiropractic may help alleviate pain and pave the way for healthier and pain-free movement as the patient continues to train.
  • Improve performance: Chiropractic adjustments may improve blood flow and lymphatic flow throughout the body, providing ample nutrients and oxygen to the muscles working hard during exercise. Combined with increased range of motion and reduced compensation, this improved flow may help improve the athlete’s overall performance by 16% studies show.

Ways to help your athletic patients

Green Chiropractic has a range of tools in their arsenal to help endurance athletes feel better while training.

The most important method of care may be the chiropractic adjustment to correct misalignments, subluxations and restore optimal bodily positioning and joint motion. This may require repeat treatment, due to the natural shifting of the spine after athletic activity.

Targeted massage may also be beneficial or even necessary to loosen tight muscles and allow the body to resume a natural position. Finally, Green Chiropractic educates and teaches their patients specific warmups and stretches they can do to ensure proper bodily alignment and preparedness before exercise.

Of course, a single chiropractic appointment is likely not enough to correct routine stress caused by endurance sports. To learn more about how Green Chiropractic can help you or your athlete, contact Green Chiropractic in West Omaha at 402-933-5392.

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