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Omaha Chiropractor helps Reshape Scoliosis

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Scoliosis Remodeling

Scoliosis Remodeling

“My daughter’s scoliosis went from 24 degrees, down to 7 degrees without a brace”

-Stephany K., Papillion

Q. What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis describes a lateral curve of the spine, including some vertebral rotation. Although most curves are small, some can be progressive and lead to spinal and postural deformities and sometimes pain in later life.

Q. What causes Scoliosis?

There are genetic risk factors for scoliosis, but there are no confirmed cause of scoliosis development. Poor posture, carrying backpacks, and choice of mattress have not been shown to cause nor influence scoliosis. However, carrying backpacks on one shoulder and poor posture can lead to postural distortions. This can create muscle imbalances that can mimic scoliosis.

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Q. Why should children be screened for Scoliosis?

Scoliosis often develops rapidly in pre-adolescence or adolescence. The condition is usually painless, so there may be no symptoms to indicate a developing scoliosis. Pre-teens and teens often favor loose clothing which may conceal visual indications of a scoliosis.

Q. When should children be screened for Scoliosis?

Girls should be first checked around 10-12 years old. Boys should be first checked around 11-13 years old. Earlier detection and intervention has been shown to lead to better long term outcomes for the patient.

Q. How should a Scoliosis screening be carried out?

Ideally a scoliometer should be used to measure the Angle of Trunk Rotation (ATR). A trained Health Professional can administer a scoliosis screening, looking for clinical indication of scoliosis in the patient’s posture. If signs are detected, further investigation including X-Ray imaging is recommended to confirm the findings.

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