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Question of the Week: Week 1

Green Chiropractic West Omaha Chiropractors- Webster Technique

Green Chiropractic West Omaha Chiropractors- Webster Technique

Week 1

Question:  How does the body heal?

Answer: First of all, your body heals itself from the inside out. NOT the outside in.

Life starts as one cell, a fertilized seed. This cell divides into two cells. Those two cells divide until thousands and millions of cells start to make up the human body. The first organ is developed, your nervous system, the master control system. Trillions of cells divide and develop into different tissues. Your body needs a central nervous system to control how all of these different tissues function because the other cells that have grown over time do not last forever. Over a billion cells die and are replaced each minute with new ones. This is how a body heals. Whether there is an injury or not, your body is healing right now.

Please, give credit where credit is due. Life heals, not doctors. You have more control

over your health than most people realize. All of the doctors in this city couldn’t heal a blade of grass, yet your living body (as you read this), is making flesh and blood out of the food you ate yesterday. Anything cured and repaired is done so by the living body.

Heart cells last 90 days, red blood cells last 120 days, and vital organs are totally replaced by new cells in months. If a person’s body is going to heal, life has to be present. Life flows through your nervous system. The information and life flowing through your nervous system controls and coordinates all of your bodily functions, including healing, so that trillions of cells can do their job.

And of course, optimal healing occurs  with considering proper nutrition, mental health, and exercise. Chiropractors work with the nervous system. Through Heidi Haavik’s work, we know every adjustment to your spine directly affects brain activity and your nervous system.

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