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Question of the Week- Week 2

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Question: If you are sick and get well, what happened to the illness?

This is a very tricky question. I thank those that played along and answered the question, there is no wrong answer, some are just better than others. This is intended to be fun!

If you are in a dark room and turn on the light, what happens to the darkness? 

The answer is nothing. Darkness is not an entity. An illness only occurs when health is removed. 

By regaining health, only then will your body not be sick. The absence of light is darkness. the absence of health is sickness.

Two people can be exposed to the same bacteria or virus sitting at the same table or working in the same office, and one gets sick while the other doesn’t. Why are the elderly or the people taking medicine for cancer encouraged to avoid some places or things that would make it more likely for them to get sick?

Those that lack health will likely have much greater chance of becoming affected by a contamination.

Why would two people with the same trauma not recover from their injury equally or in the same amount of time? Quite possibly, one of them is healthier than the other, or has more health than the other?

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