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Question of the Week- Week 3


How do you lose health?

Thanks again to those that played alone and answered the question. Remember, this is for fun and learning! It is also very hard to answer.

As we learned, our bodies are constantly healing and are actually very good at it. When our ability to heal is exceeded by the damage of the stressors of life, we lose ground and lose our health.

Most of all the stress that our bodies encounter comes from three categories:

Physical Stress: Whether it’s small repetitive stress from sitting at a computer all day or a big one time event like an auto accident, this type of stress is easier to understand than most. It is likely the most common cause of many symptoms that we see in our office.

Chemical Stress: Infections (bacterial or viral), processed food or additives, prescription or over the  counter drugs, even fluoride in our drinking water is poisonous. This daily stress on our body can be quiet and aggressive, leading to less than ideal function.

Emotional Stress: Not to be overlooked as a type of stress and cause of a loss of health. Daily stressors from work, family, busy schedules, and many other forms lead to muscle tension, spasms, and imbalance. For example, muscles in the neck and back, as well as smooth muscles of digestion or even in our blood vessels can become over active or under active leading to all kinds of health problems.

Chiropractic care that is helping to create an environment with less stress on the nervous system, bones and joints, discs, ligaments, tendons, and muscles will enable anyone and everyone to be able to adapt to stress much more efficiently.

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