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Suffering with Migraines? Here's How Green Chiropractic Can Help

Chronic Daily Headache Green Chiropractic

Chronic Daily Headache
Green Chiropractic

It’s estimated that over 36 million Americans suffer with chronic migraines each year, a condition that can be completely debilitating and destructive to quality of life.


A migraine can take many forms: Classic, Ocular, Hemiplegic, Silent, Vestibular, Cyclic, Basilar, Abdominal, and Menstrual.  

While it is not known exactly what causes migraines and migraine headaches, there is currently no medically recognized cure. Those who suffer from chronic migraines are often prescribed medications or over the counter medication and told to take it when they feel a migraine may be coming on. This is called premonitory symptoms. The premonitory phase of a migraine may not include pain at all, and chronic migraine sufferers know the signs and symptoms that affect them. This can be a difficult to live with and frustrating.  Chronic migraine sufferers miss events, forfeit appointments and plans, and become absent from important parts of their daily lives to deal with the pain and discomfort that migraines produce.

Does this sound like you? Call Green Chiropractic and the Omaha Headache Clinic to schedule an appointment.

Children get headaches, too!



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