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Tech Neck: Treatment at Green Chiropractic

Tech neck, also referred to as text neck, is a new name for an old issue — neck pain that’s caused by repetitive strain and injury to the muscles and other tissue structures of the cervical spine. The ever-evolving screen technology we’ve come to love and even rely on lies at the root of tech neck, hence the nickname.

Tech Neck Treatment

Tech Neck
a.k.a Forward Head Posture


Can Tech Neck be corrected?

 Green Chiropractic’s spine specialists are well-versed and education at restoring and reversing tech neck and can offer a number of treatments, depending on the severity of your symptoms, medical history and any underlying conditions

Why does Tech Neck happen?

Americans spend about 5 ½ hours a day on their mobile phones, and a few more hours staring at laptops and computer screens. Combine that with the dramatic shift during the COVID-19 pandemic to working from home, where people often sit for long periods of time in ergonomically unfavorable positions, and the result has become an epidemic of “tech neck,” also referred to as “text neck.”

The excess and repetitive strain on the bones, nerves, and muscles in our necks has given rise to an increase in chronic conditions such as cervical kyphosis (loss of neck curve) leading to muscle stiffness and joint inflammation, pinched nerves, arthritis, and even bone spurs and herniated discs.

(Looking down for extended periods actually reshapes necks to positions that are not meant for our necks to be in!)

Smartphones, laptops, and other portable digital devices put a sea of information at our fingertips, but they can also be a literal pain in the neck!

If you are suffering from any of the above call Green Chiropractic and the Omaha Headache Clinic at 402-933-5392


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