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Webster Technique-What is it?

Green Chiropractic &

Webster Technique?


The Webster Technique is a chiropractic manipulation suited particularly well for pregnant moms in preparation for a balanced birth. The Webster Technique alleviates structural strains so the mother and baby can achieve optimal pelvic positioning prior to birth. Among the many factors that go into a healthy pregnancy and birth,  the Webster Technique covers two factors:

1.  Improved uterine spacing, ligament function, and pelvic balance.

2. A healthy nervous system to mediate normal physiology.


Green Chiropractic Webster technique

Green Chiropractor helps expecting mothers throughout her pregnancy

Pregnant mothers have a great advantage working with chiropractic and the Webster Technique.  Beginning early provides the greatest benefits, however, it is never too late to achieve positive results !

A very common success story with chiropractic is a safer, easier birth.  During pregnancy and birth, the body must go through many physiological changes. Complications arise when the body is prevented from properly making these changes as nature intended. Chiropractic helps to support physiology and birth mechanics to alleviate the need for external intervention.

Seeking out chiropractic before and during your pregnancy provides the additional benefit of establishing care so your newborn can be gently checked for misalignments after birth.

A common belief is that chiropractors can turn a baby from their breech position. However, this notion betrays an essential component of how chiropractic works.

Chiropractors do not “turn breech babies.” They open up the space and align the body so the baby can find the position that’s most ideal for his or her birth. This is often head down, occiput anterior, but not always.

After birth, babies need to adjust to the outside world. They need to learn to breastfeed and to adapt to stressors. Sometimes they do this without the need for any external considerations. However, if trauma is present from birth, or if structural misalignments exist, these natural functions may be inhibited.

With chiropractic, we not only assure the ideal conditions for birth, we make sure the child is set up for the best possible start to a healthy development.


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