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When is Breech an Issue?

We live in a culture that instills fear of birth in women and men from almost the moment we leave the womb. Giving birth often brings one of two images to mind: a woman writhing in pain, or a freshly swaddled newborn, with no hint of the birth process in sight.

There is something intrinsically powerful and stunning about bringing another human being into the world, whether it’s through an unmedicated vaginal birth or an emergency cesarean do to many complications including a breech baby. Having a breech baby doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to have a cesarean.

Green Chiropractic Webster technique

Green Chiropractor helps expecting mothers throughout her pregnancy with the use of Webster Technique.


My Baby Is Breech, What Happens Next?

Around three to four babies in every 100 are breech at term, meaning they are bottom-first or feet-first position. This is called breech presentation. While most breech babies are born healthy, complications can occur if not treated.

Common issues with breech:

  • Health of the baby overall
  • Safety of the birth
  • Safety for the mother facing surgical birth
  • Emotions of the birthing parent(s)

What are the risks with a breech presentation?

Giving birth to your baby vaginally isn’t usually any more painful than a head-down position, but it does carry a higher risk for your baby.

“Head and shoulder entrapment, when the head or shoulders gets stuck after the body has descended, can cause a hypoxic injury (no oxygen to baby) or a delivery-related trauma in an attempt to deliver the shoulder and head,” Steir said. “Umbilical cord prolapse can also occur, putting the baby at risk for hypoxic injury.”

Umbilical cord prolapse happens when the umbilical cord is squeezed as the baby moves down the birth canal. The squeezing of the cord slows down the supply of oxygen and blood to the baby.”

What many pregnant women do not know is that there are options: The Chiropractic Webster Technique and Spinning Babies.

When your baby is breech, there are a number of natural ways to try and turn them. These methods include exercises, stretches, and positions. The chiropractic Webster Technique has been shown to be very effective for allowing breech positioned babies to turn to the normal vertex position. The reported success rates are between 70-100%!  Another popular technique is called an inversion position or Spinning Babies technique. At Green Chiropractic in west Omaha, BOTH techniques are used throughout pregnancy.

The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of subluxation and/or Sacro-Iliac joint dysfunction. In so doing,  neuro-biomechanical function in the sacral/pelvic region is improved.

The Webster technique encourages proper alignment of the pelvis and restores its function and motion. This allows the babies to turn to the head down position on their own. Having the baby’s head down encourages a more natural delivery, avoiding the possibility of having a c-section.

The Webster Technique is sometimes referred to as “the baby turning technique.” Unfortunately, the name is a misconception itself.  Chiropractors, in fact, do not turn babies, they restore motion and function to the pelvis allowing more room in the uterus for the baby to move and turn.

This technique is specifically used to regulate pelvic subluxations during pregnancy and reduce intrauterine constraint by relaxing the tight ligaments around the uterus. The Webster Technique can also help reduce symptoms such as back or sciatic pain, pain in the rib cage, headache, heartburn or swelling. The Webster Technique is gentle and painless for both the mother and the baby. Mothers deserve to have as much comfort and safety during pregnancy as they possibly can. With the help from Green Chiropractic, we can help ensure that your nervous system is functioning properly for a more smooth and natural delivery.

It is important to mention, Webster Technique and Spinning Babies is not only for breech presentations. Both are used throughout pregnancy to help keep the pelvis ligaments and muscles balanced for optimal birthing position.

Dr. Johnson is certified through the International Pediatrics Chiropractic Association with Webster Technique and certified postgraduate  pertaining to the care of children and pregnant women. She also completed Spinning Babies Protocol.

Green Chiropractic can be reached at 402-933-5392

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