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Whiplash and Car Crash Injury Recovery

Whiplash and Auto Accident Pain Management


Whiplash pain management

Whiplash, car accident, auto accident, pain management

While many who are involved in an auto crash, many will not have injuries. Experts estimate that roughly 25% do have injuries, many leading to chronic pain and disability. That is 1 out of 4 people!

Studies have been conducted to determine characteristics that identify these individuals from those not injured.

In a 2019 study, researchers assessed 37 people who were acutely injured within a week of their crash, then again in 2 weeks and 3 months. They were determining if there was an association between pain and disability with both specific crash measurements. These measurements were; Head turned at the time of accident, seat belt use, whether or not airbags deployed, while the vehicle was struck while stopped, or turning, the direction of the force, speed of impact, damage cost estimates and patient characteristics. These characteristics include; gender, body mass index, signs of post traumatic stress, etc).

The research determined there was a positive association with self-reported neck pain at 3 months post accident and post traumatic stress, negative effect (such as anger and sadness), along with uncontrolled pain.

There was a negative association with vehicle damage, direction of the force, and speed change. (A larger study is was recommended.) Meaning injury is not dependent on the amount of damage.

The study did mention attitude about getting better should also be considered.

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